About Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Your Certified “Master Relationship Coach”

Dr. Doris has a unique intuitive ability to perceive the hidden core of what’s blocking your relationship success and happiness. You may have seen Doris — “Your Relationship Success Coach” interviewed on “The Today Show.”

Doris is author of bestselling books like “Transforming Pain Into Power,” “Conquer Your Inner Critic,” “Thrive in the Midst of Difficult People,” and “Joy on the Job.”

Do you want more supportive, loving relationships? With Doris’ help and respect for perfect timing, you’ll release your “relationship joy blocks” with gentleness and love . . . plus working with Doris is fun!

“Thanks to Doris, I finally attracted the perfect relationship for me. How sweet it is!”
— Patricia Campbell, Denver, Colorado

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“You’ll be SO glad you love yourself enough to get coaching by Doris. It’s a wonderful step toward more happiness and the loving relationship you want. We thank Dr. Doris every day for how she helped us move beyond conflict and fear into a deep everlasting love.”
— Stan and Mary Ellen Williamson, Chicago, Illinois

Discover how to meet all of your relationship needs now. We guarantee that you’ll depart from your complimentary “Relationship Breakthrough Consultation” with these life-changing benefits.

• You’ll be crystal clear about what you need and want in a relationship.
• You’ll know how to get what you want.
• Your relationship confidence will skyrocket.
• You’ll know you deserve to be loved, respected and admired for being 100% Your Authentic Self.
• You’ll stop settling for less than you want.
• You’ll be self-assured, enthusiastic and energized about claiming your perfect partnership.

“My coaching with Doris was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, right up there with being on top of Machu Picchu…I GOT PROFOUND POSITIVE RESULTS!”
— Jacqueline Rubasky, San Jose, California

“Dr. Doris has so many unique skills. She even showed me how to analyze my dreams to see where I was stuck in a draining relationship. Once I saw the problem, I immediately shifted gears. Now, I’m with my dream partner. No more lonely nights!”
— Betty O’Connors, Seattle, Washington

“Doris is so intuitive. I love her couples coaching. Doris has a rare gift. She is tremendously supportive and encouraging yet nothing passes unnoticed. This means that each partner grows and the couple also grows. Conflict fades away. You’ll be so glad you chose Dr. Doris as your coach!”
— Melody Bates and Tom Cartwright, Tampa, Florida

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